Immerse Yourself!

IMMERSE Yourself

Museum professionals and volunteers are finding a great deal of success when they get beneath the surface and IMMERSE themselves in relevant research, professional encounters, and their community – literally and figuratively.

The 2012 Annual CWAM Meeting in Dubois, WY will explore ways in which you and your institution can be more immersive, and how this will lead to a more effective output at every level of your operation.


IMMERSE yourself in the museum profession

  • Spark your mind with best practices in education, collections, conservation, exhibits, & preservation.
  • What skills can you take away to improve your practice?

IMMERSE yourself in audience

  • Learn about the latest in visitor research and evaluation.
  • How can you get to know your visitors better?

IMMERSE yourself in your community

  • Explore what your community can offer you and what you can offer your community.
  • What strategic partnerships exist in your own backyard?

IMMERSE yourself in location

  • Dubois was named #2 in True West Magazine’s Top True Western Towns of 2011.
  • You have to see it for yourself. Join us!

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